Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WELCOME - Be Prepared to be SUCCESSFUL in applying for your disability insurance....

So, as technology gets better, some of us with cognitive issues often forget things!! When I first started my website - - I started a blog. I can no longer FIND that blog; so, I'm starting a new one!!!

You can still find all that past information - and believe me, there are TONS of excellent posts there - by clicking on the disabilitykey website link.

I also serve as a Moderator for the Social Security, Baby Boomers, and Multiple Sclerosis Forums on the Message Board of the website. Again, if you go to this website, you can find about 2 years of information about WHAT to do to qualify for disability insurance, and HOW to do it to be successful.

When time permits - I am in contact with about 3 - 5 inquiries daily - I also answer questions on YAHOO Answers.

Finally - and most importantly - for those who respond about using the disabilitykey process, AND who follow it COMPLETELY and get support from their doctors, our success rate is about 97%!!!

Again, welcome. Come, see, ask questions, post comments, etc!!