Thursday, August 12, 2010

How I CAN do what I do....

Many of you know me as the "Social Security and ANY type of Disability Insurance Guru"! If you have ever wondered how I - with dx's of both Multiple Sclerosis and Polyneuropathy for over 45 years - and, who only has about 2 - 3 cognitive hours available DAILY, can do what I do - I'll share my secret with you.

FIRST of all, what I am accomplishing requires: 1) a strong spiritual focus; 2) a positive outlook on life; and 3) a willingness to achieve a QOL (Quality of Life) that allows me to focus externally on others.

I achieved all of this by being what I call "successfully 2-sided"; I focused on what I CAN'T DO to get the resources (including disability insurances and a "patient-centered" relationship with my doctors); THEN I focus on what I CAN DO to achieve a positive QOL. Next, I focused on my spiritual life. Finally, I figured out what I was good at doing; what my spiritual life was FORCING - lol - allowing - me to do, and I set about doing it. (Note: I joke about the "forcing", but it is really true. I had to loose all of my physical resources that allowed me to think that I could "fix/resolve" anything. After being angry and frustrated for about a decade, I reached the epiphany that allowed me to stop my "pitty party".)

This led me a decade ago into establishing my DisabilityKey initiatives - as a Nationally Recognized Disability Advocate, Educator, and Expert Witness. To find out more about YOUR acquiring either Disability Insurance(s) for which you qualify, and/or how to achieve your OWN patient-centered relationship with your doctors, please email me:

I have my own daily prayer/song that summarizes what and how I can do what I do:

My Abba up above,
Holy Spirit within me;
Both guide this Servant's hands and mind to show
Disabled HOW to go!

THANKS for visiting this Blog entry. Hope that it just might trigger an idea within YOU!