Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another DisabilityKey process testamonial

Doing an Internet search, I found another unsolicited testimonial about the success of the Disabilitykey process:

"Very long story short, I was approved for SSDI in February 2009. I firmly believe I was successful because I was completely prepared, as were my doctors. I am very thankful for their help, but I am especially thankful for the help and advice of one very special lady. Her name is Carolyn Magura. I was very blessed to find her on the SSDI message boards at ButYouDontLookSick.com. She gives EXCELLENT advice there and on her own website DisabilityKey and her blog Disability Key Blog. I very highly recommend you check out those sites if you are preparing to file for SSDI or if you have already been turned down. I truly believe they played a HUGE role in my being prepared which led to me being approved so very quickly!"

You too can access the tools to document your symptom impairments and get corroboration from your doctors. Please email me for assistance.

DisabilityKey process even works for Attorneys!!

In case you wonder just who can be successful using the DisabilityKey process, consider the following testimonial from an Attorney for whom we assisted qualify for Long Term Disability (LTD). Oh - by "cost effective" he is referring to the consulting fees wherein his documentation is critiqued for details and specificity.

"I was a litigation attorney whose diabetes worsened preventing me from performing the duties of my occupation. Carol(yn) and her team guided me through the LTD process and documentation. After only a few month my LTD insurer approved me for benefits based upon documents prepared by Carol(yn) and the reports of my tre...ating doctors. I found Carol(yn)'s methodology sound, understandable and cost effective."