Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do Unemployment Benefits impact your Eligibility for SSDI/SSI?

I get this question a lot. Here is the answer.

Unemployment Benefits do NOT affect your application for SSDI/SSI - IN AND OF ITSELF. What is important can be summarized below:

1) To continue to qualify for Unemployment you need to document that you are still job searching. This can be good documentation for your SSDI/SSI case if you keep a log about jobs you CONSIDER along with showing WHY you can't do the job due to your symptom impairments (SI)!!

2) REMEMBER what you are trying to prove: that your "condition(s)" SI's impact your Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) NEGATIVELY to such a degree that your "condition(s)" rise to the level of Social Security's (SSA) definition of disability.

To read more about this, email me and ask me for the free ebooklet about the SSA's "disability" Yardstick!


AND, the SI's netagively impact your ADL's to such a degree that you CAN NOT perform what the SSA calls "Significant Gainful Activities" (SGA) that you can perform given your age, education, and previous job experiences that can earn you each year's "SGA" limit - for 2011 it is $1,000 (or, about $12 or $13/hour for 20 hours/week).

3) I'd time the signing date of my SSA paperwork near the end of my Unemployment benefits. Remember, you need to show that you can't perform SGA work, which means that you can't be LOOKING FOR WORK, thereby negating your eligibility for Unemployment benefits!

Good luck. Email me for the free ebooklets! Get started the RIGHT WAY.

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