Thursday, February 24, 2011

SSA Chart: SSDI/SSA Claims Approval/Denial and reasons for Denial; 1999 - 2008

Here is an SSA chart of SSDI/SSI Claims Approved/Denied from 1999 - 2008. Of particular importance for those of you in the application process, please note the following:

1) "Initial Awards" (Approval) from a high in1999 of about 38% to what appears a steady 1st approval rate of about 24% from 2006 - 2008 and is probably still consistent in 2011.

2) Denied, awaiting reconsideration: looks to be about 10% back in 1999 and about 2% in 2008.

3) Hearing & Appeals Council awards: High of about 15% in 1999 to about 4% in 2008.

4) "Pending final decision" - probably from # 2 & # 3: Low of about 1% in 1999 to high of about 12% in 2008 and even higher in 2011 with the increased number of folks applying for disability benefits.

5) DENIALS - Medical and Technical: about 45% in 1999 and about 58% in 2008. Of particular importance for folks in the application process now is the 3X INCREASE in claims denial for TECHNICAL reasons from 1999 (about 10%) and up to about 30% in 2008.

Technical denial basically means that YOU - the applicant - haven't DOCUMENTED AND PROVEN that your symptom impairments (SI) on your Activities of Daily Living (ADL/s) reach the level of DISABILITY. AND, YOU haven't DOCUMENTED AND PROVEN that your disability - from WHATEVER source - keeps you from performing the SSA's definition of Significant Gainful Activities (SGA) given your age, level of education, and previous work activity that can earn you a minimum of $1,000/month (for 2011) (about $12-$13/hour for 20 hours/week).

So, please, please, please email me and get the info so that YOU the applicant can begin the documentation and corroboration process and become one of the minority !st time approvals!

REMEMBER: Attorneys are great at the reconsideration and hearing and appeals council levels. BUT - their success is also based on YOUR ability to DOCUMENT AND PROVE that your SI's rise to the level of disability AND that your disability negatively impacts your ADL's such that you cannot perform SGA!! YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO.

So, get help in documenting this; in getting help from your health care team in corroborating what YOU KNOW to be the truth about you. THEN hire that attorney to assist you in the process!!!


Carolyn said...

Here is the reference link for this chart: Chart #11 at this link:

Peter said...

When I broke my leg on the job it was so difficult to find coverage, but when I finally got disability insurance I breathed a sigh of relief.

BiancaTorres said...

A friend of mine was injured and unable to work for quite some time. Disability insurance made it so he didn't have to worry about how he was going to pay his bills while out of work.

sesilia said...

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